Water Quality Testing

City water quality technicians conduct tests daily throughout the water system to monitor water quality. Fire hydrants are tested Monday through Friday. Pump stations are tested on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Water towers are tested on Tuesdays and Thursdays.
The data provided below are the raw testing results for all water quality data collected and read from testing equipment. These results are monitored throughout the day to identify areas where water quality might be decreasing and flushing could be needed.
Data is updated on this site weekly. 

Total Chlorine Residual

Because tap water is not sterile, it is important to maintain a chloramine residual above 0.5 mg/L to prevent harmful bacteria growth in the water distribution system. The maximum residual disinfectant level average must be below 4.0 mg/L. 

The chart below shows daily water samples collected by water quality technicians. Daily Residual samples only test for total chlorine residuals. Water Quality samples test for all parameters (total chlorine residual, free chlorine, monochloramine, free ammonia, nitrates, nitrites and total alkalinity).