Parks and Recreation

Striving to make life better for all, Plano Parks and Recreation offers exceptional parks, trails and recreation facilities, and a variety of enriching programs, special events, and activities that are essential to the health, well-being and quality of life in Plano.

               Sam Johnson Recreation Center                                Carpenter Park Lifeguards                                            Jack Carter Outdoor Pool

Recreation Facility Visitation

The scope and impact of Plano Parks and Recreation upon the residents of Plano is far-reaching. The Recreation Division of the Plano Parks and Recreation Department offers four recreation centers, one senior recreation center, five indoor and four outdoor swimming pools, two splash pads, one tennis facility, two golf courses, four event venues, a railway museum, and a nature and retreat center. These facilities combined provide boundless opportunity for exercise and entertainment, connection and camaraderie, that are essential to the health, well-being, and quality of life of Plano and its residents. We all benefit when members of our community are engaged.

Recreation Program Attendance
The value Parks and Recreation brings to the everyday life of potentially every citizen in Plano is immeasurable. We provide over 6,000 activities and programs for individuals of all ages, including a growing variety of regular programming aimed toward accommodating busy professionals as well as seniors who seek to remain active and healthy. As our community grows and changes, we are growing and changing too. New and exciting programs and activities offered reflect the growing diversity and shifting demographics of the city.

Plano ParkScore

Quality parks, trails and green spaces are fundamental for sustaining equitable, resilient communities. Our aim is to ensure all residents of Plano have equal access to these amenities that improve social, physical, mental, and environmental health. Our community is stronger, more connected, and healthier when its members have access to nature and the outdoors.  

Parks, Trails and Recreation Facilities

As our city continues to evolve and grow, Parks & Recreation continues to develop, preserve and maintain a comprehensive system of parks and trails, and recreation, fitness, and sports facilities for the benefit of both current and future generations. Local parks and trails provide an ideal opportunity for everyone to get outside each day. As little as 20 minutes a day spent outdoors helps reduce stress. 


of U.S. adults indicate proximity to high-quality parks, playgrounds, open spaces or other recreation facilities is important when choosing a neighborhood or area in which to live

3 in 4

U.S. adults say it is important that they have access to public walking, hiking or biking trails near their home


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