Neighborhood Services

The Neighborhood Services department develops strategies and tools for strengthening Plano’s neighborhoods and addressing issues related to the maturing of our community.
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Property Standards

Property Violations & Measures
The Property Standards division is committed to providing outstanding services to residential and commercial property owners and occupants that promote compliance with property maintenance codes and ordinances that directly impact health, safety and welfare; thereby contributing to their overall quality of life in Plano.

Day Labor Center

Safe Venue for Temporary Labor Placement
The Day Labor Center was opened in 1994 in direct response to local demand for temporary labor and the need to eliminate a public safety hazard. The Center serves the community by providing an organized and safe venue for contractors, including home and business owners, to engage in the temporary labor placement process.
The Center has between 150 and 350 workers seeking work each day, with availability ranging from unskilled manual labor to specialties such as landscaping, restaurant work, cleaning and construction trades. The Center is a safe place where Customers and Day Laborers can come together and exchange day labor work for daily pay in a well-organized and supervised environment.