Communications & Community Outreach

Communications and Media Relations is committed to providing the highest quality of service to our citizens and the community, as well as all departments and programs within the City of Plano by sharing the Plano strategic vision for excellence across multiple communication channels.

Session Views

A browsing session is essentially a group of interactions done by a particular user on the site during a certain time frame. Simply put, browsing sessions count the individuals who stayed on the dashboard and clicked on several pages, rather than those who simply viewed the main page then left the site. The City of Plano keeps track of the number of browsing sessions and page views on the City Dashboard in order to gauge the effectiveness of this service. By monitoring how many citizens are utilizing the City Dashboard's information, we can gauge what data is most popular and what data should be added in the future.

The City of Plano is active within Social Media. The above information only takes into account the main City of Plano's social channels. For a more in depth look at our social presence please reference the chart below.