Day Labor Center

What is the Plano Day Labor Center?

The Day Labor Center was established in 1994 to provide access to contract labor for both workers and contractors in a safe and orderly manner.
The Center provides access to temporary labor for anyone needing this type of service.
State law and city ordinance prohibit hiring of workers off the street. Workers are not permitted at the Day Labor Center when staff is not present.
All workers must be contacted through the Day Labor Center staff in order to meet these requirements.

Why We Measure the Day Labor Center

The Day Labor Center serves the community by providing an organized, safe venue for contractors and homeowners to engage temporary labor placement. The center has between 150 and 350 workers seeking work each day, with availability ranging from unskilled manual labor to specialties such as landscaping, restaurant work, cleaning, and construction trades. By measuring the Day Labor Center, we can see the impact that the service provides to residents.
The Day Labor Center was opened in 1994 in direct response to local demand for temporary labor. Communities across Texas and the United States, such as Austin, Garland, and Glendale, California, have chosen to implement similar programs.

Laborer Attendance

Laborer Placements

New Laborer Applications

Contractor Usage


805 Ozark Dr. Plano, Texas 75074


Monday through Friday: 6:00 AM* - 1:00 PM
Saturday : 6:00 AM *to 11:00 AM

* Laborers are not assigned to contractors until 6:30 AM.