Economic Development

Global Business Community

Plano is home to many top corporations and the talented people who work for them. Plano, with its excellent public schools, provides a great environment to raise a family or start a business. A combination of high median incomes and low cost of living allows Plano citizens to enjoy a higher standard of living than in more costly parts of the country.

Measurement of Our Initiatives

We offer an integrated approach of programs and services to support the expansion and retention of existing businesses within the City of Plano, and the attraction of companies that offer high-impact jobs and share the community's values.
In Plano, economic development usually takes three forms: Business Attraction, Business Retention/Expansion and Redevelopment.
All three forms of economic development aim to create new primary jobs that pay more than the prevailing wage, increase the amount of income coming into the community from outside its market area and create greater capital investment in the community. The strategy is to achieve this in a number of diversified industries.

Why We Measure Jobs Created

Currently, Plano is home to many leading global organizations including JPMorgan Chase, Capital One Finance, Toyota Motor North America, Liberty Mutual Insurance, FedEx Office, and Peloton.
Over the years, Plano's Department of Economic Development has been instrumental in adding thousands of jobs to Plano’s employment base across multiple industry sectors.

Why We Measure Projects Undertaken

Over the past several years, Plano's Economic Development Department has worked to grow Plano to be the epicenter for economic development in Collin County and North Texas.
We have reached this position by being intentional in our actions and undertaking a number projects in order to further contribute to the city’s business community.

Why We Measure Tax Dollars

Plano's Economic Development Department achieves its goals is by landing projects that add improvements to the city’s tax base.
These improvements to the city’s tax rolls provide revenue that drives the services enjoyed by our citizens, while keeping a stable tax rate.