Public Safety Communications


All 911 calls are answered by highly trained emergency telecommunicators who determine where the emergency response is needed, obtain and log vital information for the responders and provide potentially life-saving instructions. Our emergency telecommunicators receive hundreds of hours of specialized training and process multiple types of police, fire, rescue and emergency medical service (EMS) calls. Additionally, our center processes calls for non-emergency situations such as calls for a response from Animal Services and request for information.
Our communications center is unique in that it operates independently from the City of Plano's police and fire-rescue entities. This creates opportunities for innovation and specialization that might otherwise prove more challenging. Ours is the first 911 communications center to achieve training accreditation from the Commission on Accreditation for Law Enforcement Agencies (CALEA). This is both an honor and an increased source of accountability, both to the citizens we serve and the law enforcement agencies we collaborate with to provide excellence in safety communications.

911 Public Safety Communications Call Volume by Call Source

EMS Dispatches by Month