Plano Today and Tomorrow


The Comprehensive Plan 2021 is a long-range plan guiding the future growth, priorities, services, development, and redevelopment of our city.  It is a general framework that focuses on fulfilling the community vision of "a global leader, excelling in exceptional education, abounding with world class businesses, and vibrant neighborhoods."  The plan builds on the foundation of the city's past and creates a future of excellence by reinforcing the community's current strengths and address opportunities for change.  The plan was adopted by City Council on November 8, 2021.

Why We Measure Fix It Plano

Fix It Plano is a service that allows Plano residents to report various issues related to the city. Through the website or the app, residents can report a variety of things including, but not limited to: noise, hazardous waste, graffiti, derelict sidewalks, and potholes.
On average, the Fix It Plano receives hundreds of requests every day. Since 2011, Fix It Plano has completed more than 22,000 requests via Fix It Plano
If you’d like to submit a request for Fix It Plano, please visit the website, call or text Fix It Plano at 469-77-FIXIT (469-773-4948), or download the app via Android or iOS.

Fixit Cases Requested vs Completed